Using Colour

 How To Use Colour To Make Your Property Stand Out

To Your Potential Buyer

Colour is very important when selling a property, you don't want your property to look garish or too over the top with colour, what you might think looks amazing, others might think "What on earth possessed someone to paint their walls illuminous green?" 

Try to stay neutral, this is easier said than done, we have staged many properties which have had the old favourite paint colour, Magnolia, on each and every wall, this makes the property bland and very boring making it instantaneously forgetful, those viewing have nothing in their mind to trigger them to remember your property.

Another colour which is becoming very boring is what we call "Landlord Grey" this is a dull example of Grey every landlord and his dog uses this colour paint to make their properties look "Trendy" please STOP, it's not trendy, it's becoming boring, there is a worse colour grey which we call asylum grey this is a paler version of the landlord grey and very depressing.

If you like grey then choose a bold colour like Downpipe from Farrow and Ball as you can see in the image below, this is a rich, strong colour which will add vitality and depth to your room, this colour looks stunning in a hallway.

                 This contains an image of: Farrow & Ball Down Pipe – how to use this popular dark grey in every room Farrow and Ball Downpipe                   

If you are painting a feature wall such as a chimney breast, then please paint all of the walls in that area including the alcoves, don't just paint the chimney breast as this makes it look like you have ran out of paint, to make it a feature it needs to stand out, in the room, you can see in the image above they have painted all of the wall including the the shelves, this gives the room unity.


In the image above we used a beautiful green from Farrow and Ball called Bancha, a rich serene colour which helped to identify this room as a yoga/exercise room, it was originally painted in Magnolia and the room seemed to have no purpose, this colour is very memorable to the potential buyers.

If you are a scaredy cat and feel a panic attack coming on thinking about using colour, stop, breath, blow in a bag, watch Tony Robbins and relax, no worries, there is a solution, you can use artwork on the walls or add colour to the room by using throws, cushions, rugs or accessories, these also add texture and warmth and can be changed with the seasons or trends. 

When we staged the kitchen below, we added a bold yellow vase (TKMax) the beautiful blue velvet stools are from Dunelm, they were a bargain and look great, ideal for adding colour and texture to the room. 



In this image you can see how the yellow vase draws your eye up to the hob and the reflection draws your eyes across to the shiny new appliances, quite clever don't you think, home stagers what do we know?

As you can see it doesn't need to be over the top to make an impact, think of what your potential buyers will see when looking at the photos of your property.... will it stand out from the rest?

Staging a property should enhance the features in that property and make it look at its best, remember a home staged property sells faster and for a higher value than an un-staged property...."Don't reduce it, stage it."

For more information about our home staging service, give us a call, we are here to help. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article,

Best Wishes

Dianne and Stewy